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Pablo Neruda was an avid reader and a fine bibliophile. He bought a large number of books and was given many others. At the time of his death, his books were scattered across his three houses, Santiago, Valparaiso and mainly Isla Negra. These books now make up the Pablo Neruda Foundation Library’s personal collection. A section was added that includes different editions and translations of Neruda’s work, as well as the major biographical and literary studies of the poet.

The Universidad de Chile still conserves the first Neruda library, which the poet donated to this university in 1954.

The Neruda Library and Archives, owned by the Foundation, are located on a property adjacent to the La Chascona Museum House.

His personal collection – considering that many of his books are old, rare, unique or valuable – is reserved only for use by qualified investigators. Those wishing to access it must apply in writing to the director of the Library.
The specialized section is available to the public and can be consulted in the reading room.

The document file is stored in a vault and has been replicated by scanning or microfilming to facilitate its use. The material that is now preserved in the Library and Archives, are in approximate figures:

  • Personal collection of Pablo Neruda: 5,000 volumes
  • Specialized section: 6,500 volumes
  • Photographic archive: 5,000 items
  • Press clippings: 1550 items
  • Correspondence archive: 5,000 items
  • Audiovisual material: 100 items
  • Collection of manuscripts: 5,000 items


Darío Oses
Library and Archive Director

Library Hours:
Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Pablo Neruda Foundation Library
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